'Wow! How does he play like that?
He must have sold his soul to be able to faultlessly

play a medley of completey unprepared songs! I have never known a pianist like it!' -

Audience member, The Spring Arts Centre, Havant

Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, pianist, bassist, drummer

Check Out:

vintagekeysstudio.com - his recording studio

stevechristie.bandcamp.com  - some of his compositions  

About Steve

'Awesome piano playing, sir! - You can play like two pianists playing at once!'
Chris, organiser at an Oxford University

James Bond-Themed event



Steve was found to have perfect pitch from a very early age - he did his first public performance in a School concert at age 5, playing a full rendition of John Lennon's 'Imagine' - and was able to listen to and learn all of his music collection very quickly.  

He did formal classical piano training, despite being already being a gifted piano player, able to play far more advanced pop and jazz pieces, away from the classical music he was learning for his pianist exams. 

He is perhaps the only pianist in the world who can play absolutely all of the Beatles' music completely by ear, and has done so at many concerts and recitals over the years. 


'Steve is amazing. You can leave him to play what he feels is appropriate, and he will keep your guests very happy'
Liz Briers - Dartmouth Regatta

Steve Christie - Pianist​

Steve has been a professional pianist since 1994, and knows everything there is to know about accompanying singers, being a piano player for wedding ceremonies, and being able to read an audience to supply the perfect background to any event. You will not find a better service or a more versatile pianist hire.

Composer and Piano Player Extraordinaire!

Formally trained in composition at Southampton University, and with a natural flair for making up songs and instrumentals from an early age, Steve Christie has written for stage and screen, and has featured on various BBC radio programs, including Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone. As well as writing for The Spitfire Sisters , he also composes for  The Goose and The Crow (dark comedy cabaret act), Prufrock feat.Dolly Dolly, Patchbanks Sample Library in Canada, and supplies film and incidental music for The Dazey Hills Company. 

Biography of a Pianist

Steve regularly tours with The Spitfire Sisters, and performs with them around the world, including the Venice-Simplon Orient Express.


He is part of their creative team and is also in charge of their recorded sound, running VINTAGE KEYS STUDIO, a professional recording studio from Bartley in the New Forest.