Corporate events

Listen to Steve play live piano requests!  The audience can call out any song, tv theme or other piece of music, and if he has heard it, he can play it, seamlessly running each song from one to the next! 


Steve Christie is the perfect pianist for any event. Recent themed events have included James Bond, Beatles, 40s, 20s and Christmas. Steve is one of the most versatile piano players in the UK/

Steve Christie is based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, has been playing the piano since an early age, and after passing grade 8 he then went on to work in London as a Jazz Pianist as well as working in one of the top Recording Studios in London. He can play any style of music, and can be hired as a classical pianist, pop pianist, jazz pianist or blues pianist or church organist. He can either play piano solo or can accompany singers as he has had a wealth of experience in acommpanying and working in theatres as a rehearsal pianist and musical director.

Steve can be hired as a Jazz or Pop Pianist anywhere in the UK, including:

Southampton, Hampshire, Limewood, Dorset, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Chichester, London, Surrey, Sussex, Somerset, Devon, Berkshire


Pianist, Steve Christie is the pianist and one of the creative forces behind The Spitfire Sisters, as well as co-writing and co-arranging much of their original material, and recording their albums at his studio, Vintage Keys.

Steve Christie is one of the finest jazz pianists in the UK, and can provide music for all types of event, and has a massive repertoire that he can draw upon to please any audience. If you are looking for piano players, you need look no further!